EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

Themen bis 2014

Master Theses 2014

  • The Relationship Between Government Bond Yields and Real Estate Return Requirements Based on the Analysis of Germany
  • Macroeconomic Factors & Their Influences on Housing Markets
  • Sustainability in the German Real Estate Industry – How Supply Meets Demand
  • Real Estate Private Equity: Does Track Record Matter?
  • Innovation und Existenzgründung in der Immobilienindustrie: eine Bestandsaufnahme
  • Spieler spielen: was Immobilien-Profis über die Spieltheorie wissen sollten
  • Globalization of the real estate investment industry „Markteintrittsstrategien internationaler Immobilienunternehmen in den deutschen Institutionellen Markt"
  • Transformationale Unternehmensführung in der multidisziplinären Immobilienwirtschaft: Konsequenzen und Herausforderungen immobilienwirtschaftlicher Organisationsformen
  • Strategic Interactions in The Real Estate Industry
  • Berufsbilder in der Immobilienbranche: der Assetmanager

 Bachelor Theses 2014

  • Success factors of the shopping centre performance: the case of German shopping centers
  • Optimal tenant allocation within shopping centres: efficiently using the tenant mix - the prespective of a shopping centre manager
  • The Role of Distressed Real Estate Investors: Vultures or Liberators of Troubled Assets
  • Gated Retirement Communities Evaluating an International Housing Concept for Germany
  • Why do Companies Need to Own Real Estate?
  • Influence of Real Estate Market Cycles on the Investment Strategies of Real Estate Private Equity Funds

Master Theses 2013

  • The Role of Geographical Diversification of Real Estate Investment
  • Megatrends and their consequences for the German Residential Real Estate Market – Effects of the demographic change
  • Real Estate Private Equity Deal Structures and Trends
  • Evolutionary Status of the German Listed Real Estate Sector and its Future Development - Risk-Adjusted Return Analysis
  • Evolutionary Status of the German listed real estate sector and its potential future developments
  • Development of Garden Cities in Germany – Do German Garden Cities Comply with Ebenezer Howard's Original Idea?
  • Public Versus Private Real Estate Investment Vehicles: Benefits for European Investment Portfolios
  • Globalization of the Real Estate Investment Industry
  • The Evolutionary Status of the German Listed Real Estate Sector and its Potential Future Developments
  • The impact of deeply discounted rights issues on the total return of REITs
  • Student Housing: Growth and Demand
  • The Relationship Between the Residential Property Prices and the Macroeconomic Fundamentals in the United States in 1990-2012
  • European Real Estate Debt Financing - Current Structure and Potential Changes in the Way of Property Lending

Bachelor Theses 2013

  • Optimal Investment Strategy in Mixed Asset Portfolios: What Is the Optimal Way to Save? Is Buying Your Own House an Efficient Investment?
  • Megatrends and Their Consequences for the German Residential Real Estate Market - What effects will the demographic change entail?
  • What Drives Local Real Estate Markets? Evidence from the Office Market of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • The Rebirth of G-REIT – Do REITs Finally Fit into the German Market?
  • The Role of Securitization in the Financial System
  • Distribution of City Sizes in Germany – Evolution and Implications for Real Estate Markets
  • The Rent-or-Buy Decision
  • Real Estate and the U.S. Investor - An Analysis of Private American Investment in Real Estate Assets under the Markowitz Mean-Variance Optimization
  • Real Estate Bubbles: Formation, Effects, and Outlook 
  • Interactions Between the Housing Market and The Macroeconomy
  • Real Estate Assets in the Mixed Portfolio: The Roles of Private and Public Real Estate
  • What Drives the Homeownership Rate? An Investigation of the European Residential Real Estate Markets
  • Constitution of the Real Estate Markets and the Effect of the 2008/2009 Crisis
  • Sustainable Building - A Competitive Advantage?
  • Factors determining the life cycle profitability of closed-end funds

Master Theses 2012

  • Factors that Influence the Marketing Time of Standardized New Build Residential Real Estate - An Empirical Analysis
  • Initial Public Offerings of Real Estate Investment Trusts - A Literature Review
  • An investigation into the ownership of sustainable commercial real estate in Australia
  • Characteristics of the Investment Market for Sustainable Property Investments
  • Adding REITs To Your Portfolio - Impact on risk and return
  • Real Estate Risk Management A Model Approach to Manage Real Estate Market Risks for an International Investor
  • What are companies' objectives to prepare sustainability and corporate social responsibility reports? Market overview and reporting standards

 Bachelor Theses 2012

  • Specifics of Real Estate Investment Trust IPOs
  • Adding REITs to your portfolio – impact on risk and return
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management: achieving "value added" from cash flow versus capital gains - an exemplary calculation
  • Opportunities and challenges emerging from the change of expectation of young leaders towards real estate corporations

Master Theses 2011

  • The allocation to real estate in multi asset portfolios - Review and application of existing methodologies
  • 'Green Leases' or 'Green Buildings' as drivers for long term tenant relationship
  • Reducing Risk by Integrating Sustainability? An assessment of potential correlations between risk and sustainability

 Bachelor Theses 2011

  • Synergies in the real estate industry – a literature review
  • Banking business redefined: the consequences of Basel III for the real estate financing industry
  • Governance of US REITs - an empirical analysis
  • Structural comparison of German covered bonds, mortgage bonds and bearer debentures
  • Past and present of the German retail real estate market
  • Alpha and beta managers in real estate portfolio management
  • Economic considerations in the real estate sustainability framework
  • Green leases as drivers for long term tenant relationships
  • Factors determining the life cycle profitability of closed end funds
  • FFO as basis for recurring dividend payouts
  • Impact of fair value accounting and P&L-volatility on share price performance
  • Theoretic foundation of the study field of real estate
  • What constitutes a discipline: is the study field of real estate a freestanding discipline?
  • A comparison of wordwide real estate master programmes - market, structure, success factors

Bachelor Theses 2010

  • Outsourcing von Energiesystemen als Lösung zur Modernisierung von Bestandsimmobilien
  • Megatrends and their consequences for German real estate - How will our workplace look like in 2030?
  • Megatrends and Their Consequences for German Real Estate - Which impact will the "green revolution" have?
  • Megatrends und ihre Auswirkungen auf den deutschen Immobilienmarkt – Welche Veränderungen wird der demografische Wandel mit sich bringen?

Master Theses 2010

  • The impact of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on the indirect real estate investments in Germany
  • Governance of US REITs - an empirical analysis
  • Banking business redefined after the finance crisis: comparability of equity ratios, hurdle rates and calculation methods
  • Evaluation of different efforts to promote sustainability in the real estate industry - a cross-national comparison
  • Rating of Open-end real estate funds
  • ABS and German Pfandbrief in the crisis – is a well-performing credit market possible without these products?
  • US Regulatory Housing Finance Environment from 2002 -2005 leading to the crises - and why
  • The great crises of the last 100 years – how did property perform in comparison to other asset classes?
  • Key figures for the evaluation of real estate corporations - a comparison of the status quo between the US, the U.K. and Germany
  • Key figures for the evaluation of real estate corporations - a suggestion for a German role model
  • Structural comparison of German covered bonds, mortgage bonds and bearer debentures

Master Theses 2009

  • Integrating sustainability issues into property risk assessment - An approach how the integration of sustainable issues can reduce real estate related risks 
  • Islamic real estate finance - A role model after the financial crisis?
  • Integration of real estate cycles within the management of indirect investments

Bachelor Theses 2009

  • Prospects of the Market for Closed-End Funds in Special Consideration of the Future Development of Real Estate Funds in Germany
  • Umwelteffizienz und Kreditrating
  • Opportunities and Risks of Real Estate Investments in Emerging Markets. A Focus on China and Russia
  • Real Estate-, Liquidity-, Finance-, Stock Market- and Economic-Crisis: Structural Causes and Options for Change
  • Energy Saving as Germany's Largest Energy Source: Energy Efficiency in the German Real Estate Industry
  • How is Risk Management Restructured as a Reaction to the US-Subprime Crisis?
  • Economy vs. Ecology: Energy Efficiency in the German Real Estate Industry?
  • Costs and Benefits of Energy Efficient Actions in the Real Estate Industry: Experiences from the US
  • The German Pfandbrief: Archetype for a New Securitization Market?
  • Analysis of share price development of REITs and listed companies in differnet sentiment stages in the US
  • Possibilities for the Application for Ecological Certification Systems for Performance Increases in Large Real Estate Portfolios
  • From the Real Estate Crisis to the Real Estate Crisis? The Mechanisms of the US-Subprime Crisis and Their Consequences