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International Real Estate Partners


Our full-time students gain international experience in the required semester abroad (in both our B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes). Most important here is to become acquainted with international research approaches and studying techniques as well as the promotion of intercultural competence. Nonetheless, as we have some 250 international exchange students coming to EBS every semester, these skills will already be developed while studying at EBS campus.

Option Double Degree

By extending your semester abroad in our M.Sc. programmes by a second semester abroad you can earn another degree next to the Master of Science from EBS (MBA or other specialized Master) and graduate from our partner universities, your second alma mater.

EBS offers the unique Double Degree opportunity to complement your Master in Real Estate with a second, international graduate degree (MBA or specialized Master). In conjunction with this extension by one further semester you can earn two graduate degrees within less than two years.

International Real Estate Partners

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