EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

As professors of the EBS Real Estate Management Institute at EBS Universität, it is our mission to offer excellent graduate and postgraduate programmes in the field of real estate for responsible executives and young professionals. We inspire and develop these personalities. We achieve this aim through

• pioneering research work

• innovative teaching and learning methods

• closeness to practice and

• emphasis on social and corporate responsibility

Consequently, our vision results: We want the real estate programme offered at EBS Business School to be recognized as the no 1 programme in Continental Europe and as one amongst the top 10 programmes worldwide. This shall be achieved by

Vision Statement

Implementation of the programme via the EBS Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) at all educational levels through

a) excellence of faculty in research and teaching

b) commitment to internationality

c) excellence in programme execution by EBS REMI administrative staff

d) entrepreneurial deployment of available resources, as well as

e) relevance of the programme for and its adaptability by the real estate industry

Focussing on the real estate transaction as area of interest. Topics such as real estate investment, -finance and -valuation are our primary focus and are flanked by the interdisciplinary fields of law, taxation and economics.

Putting the real estate transaction in the context of the value chain of the real estate life cycle, thus focussing on real estate value adding strategies such as sustainable property (re)development or asset management.

Treating the capital markets as vital key to the future development of the real estate industry.

Emphasizing corporate social responsibility as main characteristic of current and future responsible leaders of the real estate industry. Real estate students at all educational levels shall thus take the interests of society into account by assuming responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment. This obligation extends by far the statutory obligation to comply with legislation.