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BSc-/MSc-Theses written at REMI

The following theses were written under supervision through the Real Estate Management Institute:

Master Theses

Master Theses 2015

  • Agency Theory in Real Estate Business
  • Factors Influencing the Stock Performance of Indian Real Estate Companies
  • The Impact of Digitalization in the German Real Estate Service Sector: What Kinds of New Business Models Emerge?
  • Urban Development and the Conversion of Building Load – The Case of Two Neighbouring Cities
  • Financing Green Buildings – The Relevance of Sustainable Certificates
  • How to structure Intercultural Work Team in order to increase the success of international Real Estate financing projects with the Bank?
  • A Display of Success Factors In-Between Acquisition and Disposition of Hotel Real Estate
  • Leading Indicators in Real Estate Markets – Evidence From the German Market
  • Large Scale Infrastructure Projects – Implications on the Economic Situation and Real Estate Markets
  • The Current State of the Irish Housing Market
  • Real Estate Restructuring innerhalb der deutschen Insolvenzordnung (InsO) – Ein Fallbeispiel der IVG Immobilien AG
  • How does the refurbishment of a shopping center create value?
  • Comparison of the Idiosyncratic Risk and Sector Risk in Real Estate
  • The Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism in the Swiss Real Estate Market
  • An Explorative Analysis of the Industry Structure and Classification of Real Estate Development Funds – A Developer’s Perspective
  • Asset Discounts for US Bank Disposals Under FDIC Receivership: The Impact of Real Estate
  • “The Young Wild Ones”- The Real Estate Startup Scene in Germany
  • An Academic Review of Service Development with Regard to Relevant Managerial Theories and a Case Study on a Specific Product Concept of STRABAG Real Estate
  • Open End Mutual Real Estate Funds versus Industry Specific Real Estate Investment Trusts – Which Vehicle Showed Less Volatility During the Financial Crisis in the US?
  • Golf Courses as Investment Alternative
  • Zukunft des Immobilien Bankings in Deutschland: Regulatorische Einflüsse und Wettbewerb
  • The Relevance of Real Estate in Mixed-Asset Portfolios in Context of a Low Interest Environment



Bachelor Theses

Bachelor Theses 2015

  • Real Estate Equity Financing – Current Structure and Potential Changes in the Way of Property Lending
  • Large scale construction projects in Germany. Success factors and reasons for delay, and being over budget
  • Real Estate and Inflation – Inflation Hedging Ability in Hong Kong and the U.K.: Findings and Contradictions
  • Der Einzelhandel im Wandel – Zukunftsfähige Ansätze aus Immobilienwirtschaftlicher Sicht
  • Concept of an Extensive Market Research Tool for a Real Estate Financier as a Basis of a Transparent Credit Decision
  • “China’s Real Estate Bubble”
  • Versteigerung von Immobilien
  • The Effects of the Low Interest Environment on the Real Estate Market