EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

Xue Xiao, MScRE exchange student

"It was a tough journey of my past half-year study in MSc Real Estate at EBS as an exchange student. It was challenging yet interesting and attractive program. I appreciated the chances provided by the program to have experiences of intensive but very practical projects in real estate industry and especially the opportunity to present and meet real experts in this industry. The difficulties and challenges encountered along the journey fostered my curiousity and hunger of learning of real estate in the future. I feel really fortunate to have been part of MSc Real Estate at EBS, and have worked and studied with excellent students and teachers in this program. I did not regret to come here after I have gone through the entire journey."

Florian Manz, EBS Real Estate student

“Real Estate at EBS, that symbolizes a golden ratio between theoretical foundations as well as practical applications. Starting at day one, students are offered a variety of options to perform on outstanding platforms. They are given the chance to make deep contacts into todays economy. Going abroad, one quickly realizes the high intentional reputation of the REMI.”

Constantin Hoss, MScRE student

"During my real estate studies at EBS I appreciated the practical reference of the program resulting from a broad range of guest lectures, field trips and scientific campus events. In addition, the advancement of soft skills through workshops and personal coaching really sets EBS apart from other universities."

Lennie Jones, EBS MScRE Alumna `12

”I was looking for a programme that was more specialized than finance or economics, because I wanted to pursue an international career with expertise in the field of real estate. The Master in Real Estate provided me with exactly what I needed to attain my career objective.

Compared to my studies at some of the leading universities in the USA, the Master in Real Estate at EBS Universität offered me an excellent education. Under the instruction of top academics and leading industry experts I acquired a range of real estate skills, which allowed me to develop the competencies I required to pursue an executive management position within an international organization.”

Angelina von Kalkstein, MScRE student

"As I am almost done with my studies as MScRE at EBS, I can say with confidence that enrolling in the master of real estate at EBS was the best decision I could have made. The master in real estate covered all important aspects of the real estate discipline. This – combined with the very excellent and professional network of the real estate management institute at EBS – made it fairly easy for me to find the job I wanted within a very short time. The entire real estate management institute is always very motivated to help and support their students."

Sven Ley, MScRE Alumnus ‘12

“The Master of Science in Real Estate program at EBS provided me with excellent theoretical and practical real estate knowledge. The combination of lectures and the mandatory internship as well as the semester abroad provides a solid foundation for a ideal start as a real estate professional. In addition, it supported me in building my own network, which in the end essentially contributed to make my first successful steps within the real estate industry and find an interesting position after my graduation.”

Claudius F. Westerhaus, Master in Management student 

“By the time I entered the real estate industry as an intern, I realized the significant advantaged this programme provides with regards to peers. To be more precise, the programme prepares students perfectly for challenges and questions within the real estate industry, therefore students able to immediately provide relevant input and partcipate effectively within the real estate industry, once they graduated."

Sebastian Junghans, MScRe student

"I decided to do the Master of Science in Real Estate at EBS Business School to get an academic education within the field of Real Estate. EBS University with its long standing track record in Real Estate and its Real Estate Management Institute are both well established institutions which have a strong network to real estate companies, providing an excellent scientific background and teaching the right toolbox for a promising international career in the Real Estate industry. Furthermore EBS’ international reach with its partner universities worldwide, as well as the opportunity to do a dual degree, made EBS University my first choice." 

Andrej Korenblit, MSc RE Alumnus ’12

"The Master in Real Estate programme combines theory with practise in a unique way. When starting a job at a real estate company, you do not feel like being thrown into cold water. You feel like a craftsman who has all tools available to do his job. You do not need to spend significant amounts of time for solving "technical issues". You can spend your time on doing what your are paid for: Thinking."

Christian S. Ostbringhaus, MSc RE Alumnus ’11

Studying at EBS is an intense experience. Theory is presented by internationally recognized scholars and constantly challenged in various case studies in collaboration with leading industry experts.

This approach allows you to reflect cutting-edge research and transform it into relevant ideas for the practical world. It is not the degree that matters, but the way you learn to think.

Mattia Montepara, MScRE Exchange Student `11

"When I arrived at EBS from Italy, in summer 2011 for the Erasmus Program, I had to pick the Modules for my time at EBS. One of my choice was "Real Estate Valuation" because, as a Finance Student with a strong passion asset management, I wanted to have a deep insight of an important and dynamic asset class, real estate. Now I can say that my choice was the right one: I had the pleasure of following a Cass' Professor lessons, to meet and work with John Lang LaSalle for the project work and to take a brief introduction to ARGO, a software for real estate valuation. This was definitely the most complete course I have attended at EBS and the one that gave me real and non-common capabilities and skills."